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PPS Architects can produce 3D architectural photo realistic renderings of both internal and external views to help clients better visualise their project, the technology is used in-house as part of the design process and it provides us with a powerful tool to realise our client’s vision. 

Architectural 3D models provide an important tool for assisting with improving the design and making sure that the client visualises the end product, it is an invaluable tool for achieving an end result that fulfils the client’s aspirations, requirements and needs. The use of virtual visualization helps the client visualize as well as finalize development design prior to construction commencing and avoids costly revisions to the building later in the project. 3D architectural visualisation should be seen as a value creating solution as it reduces waste and increases efficiency on capital intensive construction projects.

In addition 3D architectural visualisation is essential for successfully marketing and advertising a development prior to it being constructed, it may also serve as an important tool for raising finance.

Our high quality 3D renderings are guaranteed to give you the edge over your competition.