PPS Architects provides professional Architectural services in design, construction, additions and alterations.

Green Architecture

PPS Architects is committed to meeting the challenges of the future through sustainable design. The firm has in recent projects incorporated sustainable design strategies to promote efficiency and savings. In 2011, PPS Architects received the U.S. Green Building Council Accreditation for the first LEED Gold building in Africa, the Administration Building for the Valpre Bottling Plant in Heidelberg, South Africa. Subsequently the Valpre Bottling Plant was awarded a LEED Silver accreditation and is considered the greenest factory in Africa.

Interior Design

PPS Architects provides Interior Design services for retail, commercial, corporate and hospitality projects.

Project Management

The cornerstone to the successful implementation of any Project is effective Project Management. PPS Architects offer comprehensive Project Management services that include defining project management specifications, developing and managing complex schedules, budget planning, and implementing value management reporting systems. PPS Architects bring practical experience, commitment, and proven best practices to ensure timeous, quality service delivery.

Scope of Services

Architectural work is characterised by a sequential or staged flow of activities. This flow comprises stages that feature prominently in project planning and apportionment of fees. They are:

  • Inception;
  • Concept and viability;
  • Design Development;
  • Documentation and procurement;
  • Construction Contract administration

The responsibilities broadly associated with each stage along the flow of work trajectory are listed below. It is significant that all architectural work, from the smallest and simplest, to the largest and most complex, can – and should – be managed according this flow of work and its elemental stages.


PPS Architects can produce 3D architectural photo realistic renderings of both internal and external views to help clients better visualise their project, the technology is used in-house as part of the design process and it provides us with a powerful tool to realise our client’s vision.