PPS Architects provides professional Architectural services in design, construction, additions and alterations.

The Directors of PPS have over 30 years experience in Architecture. We are supported by staff of experienced Planners, Architects and Senior Technologists. Each Project undertaken by PPS Architects is personally overseen by the Directors from inception to completion.

We provide a full professional service including Project Management for large projects. We can also provide a basic planning service to provide Working Drawings only for simpler projects. PPS Architects provides professional Architectural services in urban design, design planning and feasibility studies, designs, 3d models, technical documentation & specifications, coordination of technical documentation prepared by other built environment professionals, contract administration, project management & quality inspections of construction.

Our approach to any project is to first fully understand the needs and aspirations of the Client and the opportunities and constraints of their site and context. Thereafter we produce a brief which gives the Client and ourselves an understanding of the deliverables for each project. We practice Architecture in a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive, technologically appropriate, and professionally competent and ethical manner that meets the needs of the Client’s brief while taking advantage of the site, topography, location and climate to create aesthetically pleasing environments. We create Sustainable Developments by carefully planning all spaces to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality, while enhancing the lives of the users. The planning and detailing of our buildings ensures future flexibility and expansion possibility.

We specialize in Commercial, Interior, Residential and Industrial Architecture.

We provide holistic solutions that meet the needs of the project rather than indulging to any particular Architectural ‘style’. We understand and respect the nature of various construction technologies and use this to inform the building’s language.

We build long term relationships by delivering design proposals and built solutions within budget and on time, and constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of the service we provide to our clients. Our professionalism has brought a variety of repeat Corporate Clients. We take our place within the professional team, usually as the Principal Agent and our technical communication skills ensuring that Projects run smoothly at the design stage with seamless integration between different disciplines. While on site the correct professionals are employed to provide appropriate quality control for each project.

Our Works in Greater Johannesburg, RSA and Southern Africa exhibit beautiful but practical solutions to a wide variety of projects ranging in scale from small houses to large industrial complexes.


PPS Architects is committed to meeting the challenges of the future through sustainable design. The firm has in recent projects incorporated sustainable design strategies to promote efficiency and savings. In 2011, PPS Architects received the U.S. Green Building Council Accreditation for the first LEED Gold building in Africa, the Administration Building for the Valpre Bottling Plant in Heidelberg, South Africa. Subsequently the Valpre Bottling Plant was awarded a LEED Silver accreditation and is considered the greenest factory in Africa.

In addition to our work on projects that pursue South African Green Building or LEED Certification, we will work with clients who wish to implement sustainable design elements without pursuing formal certification. Whatever the project, we work with our clients to identify the sustainable design opportunities most appropriate for each project and to maximize sustainability, while keeping within budget and achieving all project objectives.

In an economy of spiralling energy prices, energy costs are increasingly a concern for property owners as life-cycle costs are set to soar for facilities that do not adopt energy efficient building practices. Current trends of sustainability are having a dramatic impact on buildings; the shift is towards energy efficient buildings that incorporate renewable energy systems, both for conservation as well as energy generation. Clients are also increasingly equally demanding in the quality of services that they receive. PPS Architects strives to increase the quality of their services and to provide clients with more efficient products and processes.

PPS Architects make use of cutting edge information technology software for the development and implementation of high efficiency technologies in our buildings, we use BIM (Building Information Management) systems that promote integrated building design and energy modelling. BIM is an Integrated Information Technology system that facilitates and encourages systems engineering principles and is essential for successful implementation of complex Building projects. The use of BIM technology enables us to provide products that meet the demands of clients, and the needs of the environment. BIM systems combined with energy modelling provides efficient use of resources and a reduction of waste, better interdisciplinary co-ordination, shorter project times, better quality control and product delivery, and more efficient facilities management.

Sustainable or green architecture systems generally have a higher initial implementation cost when compared with traditional building technologies, and as such cannot compete economically with traditional construction technologies, if based on construction cost alone. Architects and clients need to recognize that the initial construction cost should include the impact on the environment and the total building life-cycle cost. Clients that choose to invest upfront on the implementation of a green building will however see long term financial benefit through a reduction in life-cycle cost and general improvements to the final product quality.

The need for sustainability is a major trend in today’s world and the Architecture industry cannot escape this phenomenon that unless tackled will have dramatic consequences for humanity and the planets ecosystem. This trend dictates that all industries must rationalise their operations to minimise waste and increase value from existing dwindling resources. The Architecture industry is one of the largest contributors to Global Warming and must realign its services to comply with these new emerging demands. Sustainable construction is therefore becoming more and more prevalent throughout the World. Sustainable designed buildings (green buildings) seek to reduce their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency. In response to these emerging challenges PPS Architects is driven to produce buildings that reflect the new needs of a changing world.


PPS Architects provides Interior Design services for retail, commercial, corporate and hospitality projects.

The interior of an office or retail space creates the first impression to clients and customers; it also has a direct impact on employee well being and thus productivity. A successful interior must therefore provide a comfortable place for employees to work as well as convey a certain ambience to clients or customers. When designing any new project we spend a large portion of time understanding our client’s needs and corporate branding strategy. PPS Architects believes that a successful interior design concept is one that compliments and integrates with the corporate branding strategy of a company. We pride ourselves in creating unique spaces that reflect our client’s corporate vision and define their brand identity. This approach creates great value for clients as it reinforces their corporate branding strategy and improves employee productivity.

Our in-house interior design services complement our architecture services, as we are able to provide these two complementary services a more harmonious holistic design is generally possible. Our integrated approach to interior design provides us with unique skills to provide our clients with a service of the highest calibre.

PPS can also provide full turnkey Interior solutions as we partner with a leading Shopfitting firm.